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Workplace Health and Safety training in the Bay AreaHealth Education Services is committed to helping you establish and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.  Whether is helping staff to quit smoking, preventing a pandemic outbreak from interrupting your business, diffusing aggressive behavior, or preparing for disaster, we have the resources to assist your organization. 

Federal standards have been established for certification of your organization’s ability to develop preparedness, response and business continuity plans to implement in the event of a disaster. The process involves identification of gaps in your organization’s disaster plan.  The analysis looks at life safety procedures, mission critical functions and dependencies, crisis communication procedures, and post disaster damage assessment.  Based on the results of your Gap Analysis, manuals and plans can be created and training offered to ensure that you are ready for any type of disaster.

Health Education Services (HES) provides training, services, and tools that will effectively assist your company with responding to public health pandemics.  The approach will meet or exceed state and federal expectations for Pandemic Influenza response training.

We can also assist you to establish and maintain a safer workplace by designing a smoking cessation course tailored to the needs of your staff.  Classes are established at convenient times and use the American Lung Association curriculum and materials to provide proven techniques to help quit smoking and stay smoking free.

If you are concerned about the safety of your staff, HES can provide consultation to determine if you have policies and procedures that will protect your staff from violence and terrorists acts.  The Workplace Violence Prevention class provides tools to recognize, diffuse, and create a win-win resolution to conflict.

Health Education Services offers a wide range of services and courses that will assist your organization to enjoy a healthy and safe workplace.  Call us for more information at 800-754-7092.  We are happy to further discuss your concerns and design a program that meets your needs.

Class Locations

Health Education Services offers our CPR, AED, First-Aid and Workplace Health and Safety training classes in multiple locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  Headquartered in San Carlos, California, we offer custom on-site training at our client's locations throughout the peninsula, south bay, and east bay including: Menlo Park; Redwood City; Foster City; San Mateo; Belmont; Burlingame; Palo Alto; Mountain View; Los Altos; Los Altos Hills; Hillsborough; Woodside; Atherton; San Jose; Santa Clara; Fremont - and beyond.  We are happy to arrange for training at your business, using your facilities, to encourage participation from your employees and reduce the logistical impact on your organization.  Contact us today to discuss our custom CPR, AED, First Aid and Safety training!  650-321-6500