In the early days of Silicon Valley two nurses recognized the need to teach the public how to care for the suddenly ill and injured until the ambulance arrived.

With this foresight, Health Education Services (HES) was born. HES was created to empower people in the community, workplace and schools to save lives and to meet the OSHA requirements of the burgeoning technologies of Silicon Valley.

Health Education Services has since become a significant contributor to the improvement of health and safety throughout the community and the largest provider of Philips Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in the San Francisco Bay Area.

HES  further extended its reach to the public as an American Heart Association Training Center with over 150 affiliated instructors teaching CPR/First Aid and AED throughout the region.  And AED programs implemented and maintained by Health Education Services can be found across the US.

Explore our leading AED systems support and the variety of training courses for professional health care providers, company personnel, school staff, and the general public.