COVID-19 Compliance Officer (CCO)

COVID-19 created a new crew position: COVID-19 Compliance Officer.  Shoots are often places where food is shared, people work closely with one another, and social distancing is often not possible.  We have designed this non-union class to inform producers, coordinators, production assistants, and 1st ADs about the highest level of on-set protocols related to COVID-19 and other airborne illnesses.  You will be provided with tools and resources for the COVID-19 position that can be modified to meet the needs of the current local conditions.

This class lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

NOTE:  This course is presented as a Webinar through the third party platform,

New class times and dates will open based on demand.

Class Completion:

Participants will receive a course completion certificate upon successful completion that attests to the content that was provided.

You will receive a link to valuable resources including the class syllabus, example production company protocols, set posters and much more. You will be given the opportunity to list your name in a database of people who have completed this class. This list will be hosted on our website.

The CCO Does Not Replace A Set Medic:

The CCO does not replace the need for a Set Medic.  The position is designed to work in conjunction with the Set Medic and to prevent the spread of COVID and other airborne diseases by using CDC recommended measures.  The producer should always vet the CCO to ensure they are following all current protocols.

Class Background:

COVID guidelines are constantly changing and vary among states, counties and cities, so please always consult your local and state health departments, unions, and CDC guidelines before each shoot.  This class follows CDC, OSHA, and EPA guidelines.  It is not endorsed by any outside agency.




1st ADs

2nd ADs

Key Production Assistants

General Production Staff

Course Outline

Covid Compliance Officer Overview

Role & Responsibility

Cast/Crew Responsibilities

Monitoring Protocol

Screening Procedures

Positive Test Actions

Return to Work

Social Distancing

Site Disinfection

Supply List


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