Covid Compliance for Live Events

It’s time to charge forward and have Live Events again, but how do we do this safely? Enter the Pandemic Preparedness Course for Live Events presented by Health Education Services. Health Education Services, creators of both the Covid Compliance Officer (CCO) and Pandemic Compliance Advisor (PCA) courses, have realized the need for all those in Live Events to be trained in Covid Compliance.

This course caters to Live Events venue management and staff, touring crews, promoters, talent, and audiences too. It illustrates compliance guidelines and safety practices for Live Events through CDC-based guidelines and offers practical strategies for how to work at and attend all types of live events safely—from an intimate coffeehouse performance to a large-scale festival.

This class outlines the pre-planning and execution of pandemic strategies necessary for touring staff, venue staff, and others. It covers what to do before and during Live Events including health screenings, social distancing parameters, proper PPE use and sanitization regulations.

With three vaccines available and the opening up of some states, it’s time for those in Live Events to feel confident in hosting events safely.  We can Help!

This class lasts approximately 2hrs

NOTE: This course is presented as a Webinar through third party platform, 

New class times opening based on demand. 

Class Completion:

Participants will receive a course completion certificate attesting to the understanding of the content presented therein. In addition, you will receive a link to valuable resources including example screening surveys, on-site posters, and more.

The class completion certificate will emailed to you within 3-5 business days from the date of your class.

Class Background:

This class was created for all Live Events workers including venue staff, management, touring crews and talent, as well as anyone working in these roles who wishes to learn up-to-date best practices for safely working a Live Event. Covid-19 guidelines are constantly changing and vary by state, city, and locale, so please always consult your local and state health departments, unions, and CDC guidelines before each event. In addition, please be aware that private venues will have their own standards and regulations. This class follows the guiding protocols of the CDC, Los Angeles Department of Public Health, OSHA, EPA and NIH. This class is not endorsed by any outside organization.

Platform / Technical Issues:

Health Education Services uses the third party platform to host this class; any tech issues you may have will need to be resolved by Health Education Services is not responsible for any technical issues that you may encounter on your end.

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Course Outline



Event Preparation

  • Venue + Staff
  • Tour Management + Promotion
  • Crew + Talent
  • Food + Beverage

Pandemic Protocols: Event Day

  • Entry
  • Screening
  • Social Distancing
  • Sanitization

After the Event

Q + A


Event Producers

Event Staff

Touring Staff


Venues / Venue Staff


Experiential Event Producers / Staff

Festival Staff / Producers / Promoters

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